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Funding Owner Operators,Logistics,Trucking, Freight, Transporters, Delivery and Hauling companies

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As the summer season is here the road opens up. Also

fuel cost rise to the yearly highs. The USDOT predicts fuel cost and rising maintenance demand on vehicles will effect the bottom line of many owners operators. At Auxiliary Funding we have seen many of our clients; Owner Operators, Logistics, Trucking, Freight, Transporters, Delivery and Hauling companies feel the effect.

We have provided many of our clients with the most cost effective manor Invoice Factoring.

Rates as low as 0.5% Non recourse(we are responsible for collecting funds). We only require 3 months business bank statements fully completed application Current A/R report.

This may not be a option for your business we provide also quick working capital. That will be in your account before you reach your next re-fuel stop. Yes, funding in as little as 24 hours as much as $500,000.00.


For many of you seeking a long term solutions such as Term Loans, SBA Loans and Revolving lines of credit we provide these services for your business.

For many of our partners we provide Commercial Mortgages for those that are looking for a location for their fleet of vehicles. Also many clients looking to capture some of the equity that has increased in their commercial property.


Please feel free to contact us for all inquiries 1-800-346-9880

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