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Funding Doctors

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

1 Maiden Lane Floor #7, New York, N.Y. 10038

(212)381-9349/ (347) 884-2635/ (347) 813-9943




Doctors and nurses on the frontlines hold the most prestigious occupation in United States. But new realities facing the medical industry, doctors especially, threaten the rewards of being a physician. Increased regulations, heavier patient load,


higher overhead and reduced reimbursement from insurance and Medicare are chasing a lot of doctors out of private practice.

Private practices, offering community-based care and staying their own boss. How are they managing to resist closing their practice and becoming a hospital staff doctor? Auxiliary Funding offers financial products to help physicians keep their independent practices viable. Certainly, physicians, many of whom spend 15 years or longer in school from the time of college entry, deserve support so they can continue fulfilling their vital role in society.



Forward; 3 months business bank statement Download and submit fully completed application (here)

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